Director Note

Youth is an architect of the future. This is not a conventional statement but it is carried a solid fact because the future of a nation depends on young people. Youth has the potential to make difficulties easier and convert impossible in to possible and if we ignore or not consider seriously of this very capable, full of dynamism and a confident section of the society, this will lead not only to increasing depression and frustration among youth but also hampered their mental and emotional growth which can be seen by lack of youth participation in different fields of life.

Our organization is a community of individuals driven by a common goal—to inspire positive change and foster personal growth. We aim to create a space where young people are able to collaborate with change makers to share issues that matter to them and to brainstorm ideas that can affect policymaking; We have fostered close partnerships with colleges, elected officials and local community boards to channel the enthusiasm of young people into ongoing engagement in political initiatives
Together, we have the power to shape the future and leave a lasting legacy.

Mariam Khan

Executive Director